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Marketing Automation Beyond the Inbox

Need a solution that intelligently engages known prospects, converts anonymous ones and increases lead velocity? Who doesn't, right? This week, Bizo announced Multi-Channel Nurturing, a solution that promises such digital riches...

Twitter Ads Get More Targeted

Twitter has had an eventful November – not only did the company file its IPO, but it also launced a new and pretty cool Custom Timeline feature. The announcements, however, don’t end there, because the social network has...

Ads Arrive at Instagram

It’s official – ads have finally come to Instagram. According to the popular image-based social network’s blog, U.S. users will begin seeing “occasional” ads in their Instagram feeds, in both image and...

Social Ads Come to LinkedIn

Last June, the rapidly growing professional social networking site LinkedIn updated its privacy policy and made clear in that statement that social advertising was coming to LinkedIn, and that some personal information could be used...

Local Ads Moving to Social Networks

Borrel conducted an assessment of advertising palced on social networking sites and found that nearly 20% of all ad spending is done by local businesses. While you might think that most were on a national basis, Borrel estimates that...


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