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5 Showstopping Websites & What They Did Right

:: By Nadav Shoval, Spot.IM :: As you know, your website is the face of your brand--or ambassador if you will. Like any good representative, an ambassador has to look and act the part by putting his or her best face forward, empowering...

Publicity, Compliments and Money for Designers

Publicity, compliments and money are among life’s greatest motivators, especially in the eyes of the modern day workforce. For instance, professionals are motivated by compliments because it means that someone admires their work...

Three New Additions to the Adobe Marketing Suite

At this week's Adobe Digital Marketing Summit in London, hot on the heels of the release of Creative Suite 6 and the Creative Cloud, the software company announced three new products. Each release is aimed at helping marketers...

Branded Social Communities and Email Marketing

It seems like every day I find one more reason to call email the ultimate marketing tool - and today is no different. eWayDirect announced a new email marketing tool which caught my attention. The solution enables companies’...


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