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Facebook Social Plugins on WordPress – LIKE IT

Web marketers looking to further their businesses’ presence on Facebook are turning in droves to the Social Plugins recently offered up by the social networking powerhouse. The group which I predict will have the most immediate...

SEO in a Social Media World

Web professionals’ interest in search engine optimization (SEO) is matched in intensity only by the excitement surrounding social media. The end result of these two Internet marketing endeavors is nearly the same: website traffic...

100 Retweet Targets for Web Professionals

There's no question that Twitter drives website traffic. This is particularly true when one of your updates (blog post, special offer, etc.) is retweeted within the industry. And the effect is two-fold: You not only get a good...

Google's Real-Time Search Changes Everything

The real-time Web is here. Google has officially jumped into real-time search, taking full advantage of its recent partnerships and changing the face of search engine optimization. Conduct a search on Google and you might now see a...

The Anatomy of Linkbait

The Elements of Social Content Success By Jordan Kasteler Linkbait refers to any piece of content created to attract links by its sheer quality, usefulness or entertaining value. But perhaps on name alone or its relation to SEO, the...


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