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Introducing a New Product? Pair It With Old Ones

Last month, Starbucks introduced its take on a "flat white," Australia's unofficial national beverage . Along with promoting its new item on its menu boards and on its website (screenshot below taken from the Way Back...

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How Important Is ‘Word of Mouth’ To Your Web Marketing Strategy?

By Matthew Langham, Search Laboratory Word-of-mouth marketing may have evolved from phone calls and face-to-face conversations to social media posts and comments, but its importance remains the same. Marketing guru, Geno Church, found...

Starbucks Opens the Big (Digital) Door to Customer Loyalty

Loyalty programs, both online and offline, are powerful mechanisms to increase customer engagement and social advocacy, not to mention bottom line metrics including customer registration and further, revenue per customer. These are...

Honorable Corporate Comebacks

:: By Ilan Nass, Fueled :: Social networking is all the buzz these days. Every second, unabashed users on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram share their most honest feelings, emotions, and opinions by posting comments, liking...

4 SoLoMo Loyalty Program Leaders

Rewarding consumers for positive behaviors (e.g. purchases, social activity, etc.) is a win-win for brands and customers. To take advantage of the many benefits of loyalty and engagement programs, however, companies must transcend...

The Web's Most Gorgeously Designed Websites

:: By DJ Miller :: Stagnant websites simply can't keep up in the continually evolving online world. Those that update often and experiment bravely with an eye to gorgeous, yet functional design are sure to grab visitors' attention...

Starbucks Gives Mobile Payments Industry a Jolt

Starbucks, one of the most iconic corporations in the U.S., has rolled out a mobile payments program that will enable customers to make purchases with their smartphones. Never mind that the same near-field communications (NFC) technology...


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