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8 Great Design & Dev Startups to Watch from Y Combinator

Y Combinator's Summer 2015 class were pitched this week and there were quite a few design and development related solutions that emerged that may capture the attention of the community of Web professionals. Let's take a look...

100 Tips to Build an E-Commerce Startup From Scratch

:: By Ved Raj, ValueCoders :: With big opportunities and low barriers to entry, starting an e-commerce business is a viable option for today’s budding entrepreneurs. What’s more, there’s a market of end-users who...

What's the Best Way for Today's Startups to Spend $50,000?

By Robert Cordray Creating a successful business is difficult, as there is a lot that goes into taking a company and turning it into one that runs efficiently and effectively. For this reason, when a startup acquires funding (from...

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5 Shocking Ways Successful Startups Have Gotten It Done

:: By Anna Gale, Fueled :: Those familiar with the business world know the dire odds that face entrepreneurs when they start a new company. Despite the fact that 8 out of 10 businesses fail, there are startups still getting it done...

The 1st Annual Tech Startup Draft

Friday marks Day 2 of one of the most entertaining events in sports – the National Football League’s amateur draft. Whether your team was awful enough to secure a pick in the top three, shrewd enough to trade for a higher...

Shopify Contest Yields Big Money and Bigger Ideas

Back in June, e-commerce platform Shopify invited Web entrepreneurs to enter its $500,000 Build-A-Business Competition . More than 3,000 entries were received and now, after eight months of competition, a winner has finally been announced...

The Next Great Web Startup

The next edition of Website Magazine will provide a guide to success for Web startups. Valuable insights on essential pre-launch, launch and post-launch tactics will be addressed and we’ll even feature some successful Web startups...

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Startups Wooed By Microsoft

Microsoft announced it will begin offering free software and online services to certain tupes of startups. The program, dubbed BizSpark , will be rolled out in 82 countries starting today. The program targets early stage software startups...


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