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3 Stats to Make You Second-Guess Social

If the Internet was a high school, social media would be the popular clique that every brand wants to be a part of. Even though associating with sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest definitely has its benefits, many Web professionals...

2013 Stats in Focus

A new column was added into the print edition of Website Magazine this year and it's helping Internet professionals like you stay up to date on some pretty important statistics - from shopping cart abandonment to consumer loyalty...

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Writers Get Measured with Stats

As a writer, it is important to know how your content resonates with an audience, as it can help you to identify popular topics and refine your content strategy. Popular Q&A site Quora recognized this and decided to launch a new...

Simple: RadarURL Widgets and Stats

There are a few problems with analytics solutions as they stand today for newer Web professionals. Most don't really want to do a lot of investigation to see who has visited their site, but more importantly, most analytics packages...


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