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System Verifies Military, Segment Statuses

Tableau, Costco and Symantec are just a few companies using new technology that expedites promotional campaigns, prevents fraudulent purchases, captures and retains consumers and uses analytics to analyze consumer-purchasing trends...

GeoTrust Cloud Service to Protect Against Malware

Nothing severs the trust that users have for a website quite like hidden viruses that infect their devices. To prevent this potentially disastrous situation from happening, GeoTrust has announced its Web Site Anti-Malware Scan, which...

Facebook Likejacking a Real Threat

“Likejacking” is gaining momentum on Facebook, and a new study shows that three out of every 20 videos on Facebook are fake. Symantec, a security company, recently analyzed “likejacking” scams on Facebook. The...

Facebook Adopts OAuth Security Measures

Following the recent Facebook security flaw uncovered by Symantec, both companies issued recommendations for users and third-party app developers looking to plug any data leaks once and for all. Facebook is putting the word out to...

Symantec Automates SSL Certificate Renewals

Renewing secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates can be a pain point for website owners, but two new features from Symantec are designed to fully automate the process. Customers who have deployed VeriSign SSL Certificates can automatically...

How to Win Snap Decisions on the Web

People make snap decisions when they browse the Web. They look for the familiar and the trusted, and they are equally concerned about fraudulent websites and viruses. To maximize traffic to your website, you need to quickly establish...

SSL Trials from Symantec/Verisign

If you’re in the market for a SSL Certificate – check this out. Symantec this week launched a free trial of all its VeriSign Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates, including a free trial of a fully functional Extended...


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