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The E-Commerce Slowdown of 2016

The heyday of e-commerce might be coming to an end. The overall move to online shopping is expected to slow considerably over the next three years according to recent consumer research released by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)...

Pricing Page Trends & Considerations for 2016

Pricing pages are powerful points in the conversion journey. One misstep on those pages, however, can result in a world of digital hurt to the bottom line (e.g. no conversions/sales, as well as, potentially, an immediate exit from...

Top Tech and Trends in Q1 2015

Atlanta-based website backup CodeGuard is shedding light on top technologies and trends used by digital businesses with the release of its “Q1 State of the Web” report. According to the report, the most popular website...

Studying the Business of Ecommerce

While it may not be the most optimistic news for brick-and-mortar stores, ecommerce companies and businesses with an ecommerce solution are, on average, doing very well. But in an industry pretty much dominated by a single company...

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adCenter Gets Trendy with Analytics

If you’re using Microsoft adCenter and think that it can be a bit difficult to understand exactly how your campaigns are performing, you’re not alone. Never fear, however, as Microsoft has heard your concerns and decided...

Online Employment Trends to Expect in 2011

Elance, the leading platform for online employment, has released its 2010 Year in Review as well as a preview of the online work trends to expect in 2011. The past year broke records for online work adoption as Elance posted more than...

Inside Source: E-Commerce Research Done For You

If I told you that I knew exactly what 89 million people were searching for, buying and selling you would be interested, right? Of course you would - so listen up. Ebay today launched a digital magazine today dubbed the The Inside...


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