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A Typograpghy Tool for Better Web Type

One of the best ways to let your website stand out is to take control of the typography on your site. While CSS gives designers an immense amount of control in separating content from the presentation, sometimes you need even more...

The Defining Web Design Trend of 2014 >> Non-Boring Typography

:: By John Siebert, TranquilBlue :: Web design trends always change and almost all elements covered by Web design also change as a result. Typography makes up for a very important aspect of design and is all set to change as the New...

Lettering.js Ensures Truly Fontastic Web Designs

A good font can make all of the difference between an attractive website that effectively communicates its message to visitors and one that, well, doesn’t do that. Unfortunately, at present, CSS doesn’t offer a complete...

Typography App Eases Design Process

A new browser-based tool is helping the design community save some time and create better quality Web typography. Typeface provider Monotype Imaging Holdings has commercially launched the Typecast application, which allows Web designers...

Five Fantastic Web Font Services

The evolution of the Internet has taught developers that the key to creating a successful website is to build for better usability. This means that a website should be optimized so that visitors can easily navigate it without having...

Typography and CSS3

Speaking of CSS3, are you tired of using the same old standard fonts on all your Web pages and videos? For too long now, basic fonts like Georgia, Verdana and Arial have ruled the day on most websites. More than ever, modern design...


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