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Universal Search & Digital Asset Optimization at Conductor

SEO software provider Conductor has released a few very noteworthy features this week, including a digital asset measurement and optimization platform. If you've struggled with optimizing content (in all its various forms) for...

Web Pro Interview: Larry Cornett

Being in second place means you have to work harder (and smarter). Yahoo! has been on a roll of late, this week introducing location-based FireEagle, but don't think for a minute that pure-search is not top of mind with the Sunnyvale...

Blended, Universal Search Stats

Have you started optimizing your specialized digital content for the search results? Search engine marketing firm iProspect and research and consulting firm JupiterResearch surveyed 2,400 online consumers about their habits in relation...

Optimizing for Universal Search

Why is universal search important? It’s the next evolution of Search Engine results. See why and how optimization for universal search is crucial to the future of SEO......

ZVents Launches Federated Local Search

It looks as though Zvents will be the first local search engine to provide a localized version of Google's Universal search. Zvents will provide users with a blended local search (akin to Google Universal Search ) which will integrate...


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