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Build Better Products with Data-Driven Decisions

UserVoice has unveiled version 3.0 of its product management platform, which offers a new suite of tools to help product teams prioritize decisions using data about customer preferences and individual traits. UserVoice 3.0’s...

Google Moderator Alternatives

Google Moderator, a tool for crowdsourcing and ranking user-submitted questions for online and offline events, is shutting down on July 31. The service, which launched in 2008, survived various “spring cleaning” rounds...

UserVoice SDK for Andoid

More companies are moving toward subscription-based revenue models and in-app purchases, shifting the focus from customer acquisition to customer retention. Couple that with the corresponding surge in mobile app usage and the continued...

The Master List of Conversion Tools for Merchants

Conversions are like puzzles, because in order to obtain a sale, merchants must first put all of the right "pieces" into place. These pieces include anything that directly affects the user-experience or a prospect’s...

2013 Help Desk Comparison Chart

From supporting customer accounts with a limited staff to better understanding customers because of ticket history, help desks have rightly earned their place in our digital community. Nonetheless, if your company is toying with the...

Avoid Unnecessary Complaints with UserVoice

Have you ever been bombarded with questions that were avoidable simply by a customer's reading your FAQ page before sending out that help email? While an option like Live Chat is an easy way to solve this problem, another solution...

UserVoice is Full Service – Kudos

Soliciting feedback and providing support to customers is an ongoing challenge for website owners and Internet professionals. While there is no shortage of acceptable solutions on the market today, there is always room for one more...


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