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Better Form Autocompletion with Algolia

There are several tactics that can be employed to ensure that users filling out forms actually go through with that interaction. One of the most popular is auto-completion and there is no shortage of approaches - both technical and...

Experts Speak: 7 UX Design Trends to Watch

By Talin Wadsworth, Project Comet, Adobe UX design took center stage in 2015. The technology industry began paying attention to design in a way it never has before. In addition to a greater desire, if not a necessity, for responsive...

Tips for Cleaning Up Your UX

:: By Keval Padia, Nimblechapps :: User interface (UI) and visuals do not define user experience (UX) by themselves, but surely form a huge part of delivering the ideal UX. The user interface and visual properties of a site, an interface...

Different Strokes: Design Preferences in U.S. and China

Digital marketing agency Acquity Group has released its Global Usability Study that surveyed American and Chinese consumers on their website preferences to better understand online shopping behaviors of consumers in China. The findings...

Solving the Mysteries of Mobile Marketing

The explosion of smartphones and tablet devices is challenging Web marketers who are tasked with effectively translating user experience (UX) from the desktop to mobile applications and mobile websites. For developers, the challenge...


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