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Refer-a-Friend in Action

New social shopping site JoeShopping hopes to spend its way to awareness by giving away $5,000 to celebrate its launch. Through the site’s refer-a-friend contest, 20 members will win $100 each, while the grand prize winner will...

Lose, Falter & Fail at Launch

There are millions of websites and businesses that show you (or try to show you) how to succeed. But few detail how companies and websites might lose, falter and fail at the launch of their product or service. Website Magazine has...

Anatomy of a Viral Marketing Failure

Brown's Chicken is in need of a revival. Although a Chicago institution, the restaurant chain suffered major damage in the wake of a horrific mass murder at one of their locations in 1993. Recent news has brought that painful memory...

Viral Marketing: Surpassing Survival

by Michelle Wicmandy Viral marketing is like [the TV show] Survivor — if you’re not adding value to the community, you’ll quickly find yourself voted off the island. It’s a concept that only works when participants...

Targeting Social Networks for Sales

A recent report conducted by Sage Software and AMI-Partners shows that more than 260,000 small businesses in the US and Canada are using social networking tactics in some form or another - a surprisingly small number. Far and away...


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