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Mobile-First Drives Conversational Search for 2017

:: By Travis Bliffen, Stellar SEO :: We all know that being mobile friendly is important if you want to rank better on Google. Sometimes as 'Net professionals, our immense focus on Google guidelines distracts us from the very reason...

The Rise of Voice Search and Its Impact on Search Engine Optimization

:: By Sam Warren, RankPay :: “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite get that." If you have a smartphone, you’re probably all too familiar with this constant reminder that voice search is far from perfect. Despite its...

What Google's New Pixel Phone Will do for Mobile SEO

:: By Nick Rojas, @NickARojas :: While Google's new Pixel smartphone has the best-ever smartphone camera, a battery capable of lasting all day, and unlimited storage for videos and pictures, the mobile device also has under-the...

Is Voice the Future of Search?

:: By Pete Peranzo, Imaginovation :: Let’s cut to the chase - yes. With the rise of digital assistants like Cortana and Siri in addition to smart home hubs like Google Home and Amazon Echo, we are getting more accustomed to searching...

Let Google Answer Your Complex Questions

Google’s voice search is getting better at understanding complex inquiries. In fact, Google announced that its app now better understand the meaning and intent of the questions users ask. For instance, the app can now understand...


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