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3 Ways to Make Your Awesome Web Design Provide ROI

By Gabriel Shaoolian Blue Fountain Media Businesses that have finally finished their new websites are generally really excited to see what kind of sales they will generate. However, just because a website is done and looks “awesome”...

Managing Website Redesigns

If the website you own or manage is not meeting expectations, it is time to consider engaging in a comprehensive redesign process. While the notion of undertaking a project of this magnitude can seem overwhelming, doing some benchmarking...

Long Copy Web Design Techniques

When I first started designing, developing and promoting websites in early 2000, “long-copy” pages were often the standard. While there has been a clear shift towards the “less-is-more” school of design (and...

Emerging Trends in Web Design

12 Exciting Ways That Web Design Has Evolved :: By Aaron Kupferberg :: Web design neither stands still nor waits for technical innovations before evolving new approaches. The best Web designers observe how people interact with the...

Psychology of Design

There are few things more important to a successful website than its design. In many respects, it’s the window to the soul of an Internet business as well as the people behind it. Portals busy with too many elements fail, in...


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