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Like Them or Not: 7 Web Design Trends Here to Stay

:: By Larry Alton, @LarryAlton3 :: As always, the world of Web design is moving quickly, and as always, it’s in your best interest to stay ahead of the curve. An increase in mobile technology usage, the emergence of VR systems...

The Defining Web Design Trend of 2014 >> Non-Boring Typography

:: By John Siebert, TranquilBlue :: Web design trends always change and almost all elements covered by Web design also change as a result. Typography makes up for a very important aspect of design and is all set to change as the New...

Web Design Trends of 2013

Getting in shape, quitting smoking and managing debt are among the most popular New Year resolutions, but this year, digital workers are committing to achieving a goal that will directly impact the success of their digital enterprises...

Emerging Trends in Web Design

12 Exciting Ways That Web Design Has Evolved :: By Aaron Kupferberg :: Web design neither stands still nor waits for technical innovations before evolving new approaches. The best Web designers observe how people interact with the...


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