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10 Popular Google Web Fonts

There's no shortage of "trends' that Web designers must pay attention to, but few are more practical - and impactful - than the use of Web fonts. Many, many Internet years ago, Web designers' choice of fonts were limited...

Fount: Find Fonts You Love

What happens when you come across a font online you’d like to use within your website? Look in the source code? That’s so… archaic. Don't worry, there’s a better way! Web designers (perhaps even those that...

Web Font Fun with Javascript Plugins

When I first started working on the Web in a professional capacity, there really wasn’t much you could do to dress up your website as it related to font choice. Web designers had little control over fonts in the past, but that...

Compressed Web Fonts from Google

Google’s affinity for all things speedy is no secret. That is why it should come as no surprise that it has made yet another foray into making the Web even faster - at least as it relates to fonts. On its official Code blog,...

WM Tool-of-the-Day: WhatFont

If you're in the process of a redesign and are busy checking out the competition to ensure your newly retooled Web presence is in line with the competition, check out the WhatFont Tool . The bookmarklet and Chrome Extension makes...

Use Any Darn Font You Want FLIR

Do you remember that designer who told you there was simply no way you could use Calibri as the font for your website? Well, he was wrong. Using FLIR - Facelift Image Replacement (or FLIR) , an alternative to sIFR that does not require...


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