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Parameter Handling in Google Webmaster Tools

Google announced that it has made several major improvements to the way it handles parameters within URLs. Important note: any configuration of existing URL parameters made in the old version of the feature will be visible in the new...

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Remove URLs from Google

Google announced today that they have removed a cumbersome and redundant requirement for removing URLs from its index via Google Webmaster Tools. The search engine will no longer require webmasters to block access to the URL they want...

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Google Analytics, Meet Webmaster Tools

Google continues to provide amazing ways in which search marketing professionals can improve their campaign efforts. The latest is this week’s announcement that webmasters using Google Analytics to track site data can link verified...

Bing Webmaster Tools – New Inbound Link Feature

Bing announced the release of a new Inbound Link feature into its Webmaster Tools offering. The feature provides registered site owners the ability to retrieve data about links pointing to their sites. As you might imagine, Bing received...

Search Queries Update in GWT

Google has made a noteworthy improvement to the "Search queries" and "Links to your site" features available in Webmaster tools . Once the domain of hard core SEO’s alone, anyone responsible for improving...

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Links to Your Site Report Enhanced at GWT

Google Webmaster Tools has updated its “Links to Your Site” feature to show which domains are linking to a website. The improvement should provide those responsible for maintaining competitive link profiles with a greater...

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Webmaster Tools Update - Search Query Goodness

Google released several updates to Webmaster Tools which aim to provide site owners and managers with "more detail and more control" over how a site appears in search results. Google has added a "change" column...

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Bing's New Webmaster Tools

Bing has updated their webmaster tools, based on suggestions from users. Those suggestions - more transparency about crawling and indexing, more control over content in the Bing index and more optimization help - were consdiered and...

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Google Top Search Queries Report Available

Google is providing a lot more detailed information in the Top Search Queries report in Webmaster Tools . Previously, users of the system could only see the average position at which a site's pages appeared in the search results...

Google Webmaster Tools Integrated at

Web hosting company is now featuring direct access to Google Webmaster Tools on all of its hosting plans for clients. Through their control panel, clients can generate reports for crawl info (to ensure Googlebot...

GWT Shows Crawl Errors

Google released its crawl error feature in Webmaster Tools some time ago (back in 2006), but since it's release webmasters have wanted to know the exact sources of the URLs causing the errors . Well, now it's available. This...

Google Webmaster Tools API

Google is releasing an API for its Webmaster Tools . The API provides the ability to manage sites (retrieve, add, verify, and remove websites) and work with sitemaps (retrieve, add, remove). This will be immensely useful for those...


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