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Google Data Highlighter Adds Supports for Six Data Types

The rich snippet markup tool added by Google was well received when it was launched back in December 2012, but it was limited to event-type data. This month Google added six new data types including those for articles, movies, TV episodes...

Don't Ignore Manual Penalties from Google

Have you ever been hit with a manual penalty by Google? That is when publishers are notified by the search engine for breaking one or more of its quality guidelines. If so, how did you deal with it? The tricky thing with these manual...

Rich Snippet Updates Support HTML Testing

Google has blogged about two big updates to the types of rich snippets the search engine will be crawling. The news is especially useful to online merchants, SEO professionals and, well, pretty much anyone that runs a website. Rich...

Bing Webmaster Tools Update: Deeper Crawl Details and More

Bing is rolling out a long list of new features and improvements for its Webmaster Tools offering. The updates focus on providing webmasters with the ability to "share more data" with the search engine and that's exactly...


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