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Way Past Pretty: Building Blocks for a Successful Website Redesign

:: By John Kudos, :: Architects work with construction developers to build spaces. Graphic designers work with coders to build websites. The “brain” draws up a visionary blueprint and the “brawn” ensures...

What Our Web Design Firm Learned Redesigning Our Site

:: By Brad Shorr, Straight North :: What happens when a Web design firm redesigns its own website? I polled the key players – project manager, lead designer, lead developer, production manager and content manager (me) to gather...

How to Rebrand or Rebuild a Website that is SEO-Ready

:: By Jason Squardo, ZOG Digital :: Rebrand and rebuild; for some businesses, those are the keys to moving forward both financially and digitally. But tearing down an established digital presence and domain name can have massive impacts...

How to Avoid the Risk of a Website Redesign

:: By Chris Goward, WiderFunnel :: Many companies are trapped in a traditional website redesign cycle. Every 2-5 years, the marketing team agrees the site design is looking “stale” and needs an overhaul. The last redesign...

An Unordinary Bakery, E-Commerce Store

Imagine your site goes down for a few days. Panic, right? What if you shut it down on purpose? In anticipation for its relaunch, that’s exactly what independent fashion retailer Johnny Cupcakes decided to do. “It was a scary suggestion...

Managing Website Redesigns

If the website you own or manage is not meeting expectations, it is time to consider engaging in a comprehensive redesign process. While the notion of undertaking a project of this magnitude can seem overwhelming, doing some benchmarking...


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