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Home PCs are Safer Than Small Business Sites

UK-based Web hosting and domain name provider Heart Internet recently released a handy infographic that compares the state of website security to that of personal computer security, and found that site security “simply isn’t...

GlobalSign Alert Service Helps Fight Phishing

In order to provide its customers with real-time alerts about their SSL Certificates, which tell them when their websites are compromised and used to support phishing attacks, certification authority GlobalSign has partnered with Internet...

Can Nu Campaign Fix Captcha?

NuCaptcha Inc. , the "Human-Friendly" Captcha, is urging users to "Make the Switch" with their new campaign. While the implementation of Captchas has certainly been a good thing for website users and owners looking...

A Web Security Solution for the Business-minded

Two of the most oft-spoken words in the Web industry today are security and compliance. Webmasters and business owners have to be more vigilant than ever to protect themselves and their customers from cybercrime and to meet the latest...


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