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15 of the Best NEW WordPress Themes of September 2014

The variety of plugins is just one of the wonderful reasons to consider using WordPress, but another are the themes - the file collections that work to produce the graphical interface (the design) of the blog/CMS. If you're a WordPress...

10 (More) WordPress Themes for Every Person

Last week, Website Magazine published “ 33 WordPress Themes for Every Person ”, which detailed some themes that could be a good fit for certain “types” of people, from musicians and massage therapists to crafters...

33 WordPress Themes for Every Person

Everyone knows someone – a neighbor, a friend, a relative, an associate, a client – who needs a website. And the Web designers or developers they turn to for help are likely looking to WordPress to create one. After all...

WordPress Wednesday: Themes of a Social Nature

When Facebook burst onto the national scene and stopped being the exclusive domain of college undergraduates, its biggest selling point (and the attribute that helped propel its phenomenal success) was a clean, straightforward design...

10 Minimalist WP Themes for Maximum Inspiration

While the concept of minimalism in Web design is taking a relatively long road to the mainstream, there’s no question that some of history’s greatest minds would have been outspoken advocates. Many, in fact, already were...

Commercial WordPress Themes for Business

WordPress is one of the most ubiquitous software platforms on the Web, powering tens of thousands of websites. They range from simple blogs to custom, complex content management systems (CMS) and there is no shortage of design options...

Four Online WordPress Theme Generators

Running a WordPress weblog? Interested in creating your own custom theme? If so, take a look at these four powerful, online WordPress theme generators....


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