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The Web’s relationship with email is, well, a tenuous one.

Marketers have struggled with a variety of challenges in the course of email history: from getting messages into the inbox (or out of the spam folder) to getting recipients to read, click and take action. The problem, and it is a significant one, is that the obstacles to success with email are continually increasing — and expanding. Fortunately, so do the opportunities.

Email recipients, the customers or clients (and prospects) that in great part drive the success of enterprises, fortunately still rely heavily on email and will likely continue to do so — despite the ongoing and very frequent misuse by email marketers. A study released in April 2012 by technology market research firm The Radicati Group indicated that despite the explosive growth of social networking sites (expected to top 2.7 billion accounts in 2012 and grow to 4.3 billion by 2016), the number of email accounts worldwide is also expected to increase from 3.3 billion accounts this year to well over 4 billion by year-end 2016.

Despite marketers’ hesitancy and Web consumers’ seemingly open (yet unfounded) disdain for the channel, the email marketing service industry powers on — innovating at a feverish pace, adopting the most sophisticated technologies and integrating with third-party platforms that provide businesses with more meaningful insights and features, which move marketing metrics and business revenue in a positive direction.

In fact, the Email Experience channel at WebsiteMagazine. com regularly covers the most important developments within the space and Web professionals would be wise to pay close attention to industry happenings as many of the companies listed in this edition of Top 50 have appeared therein. For example, StreamSend (#9) recently released the “Embed Anything Widget,” which enables marketers to include dynamic items within emails (think RSS feeds), Listrak (#19) unveiled version 5.0 with a heavy focus on providing a best-of-breed platform for e-commerce merchants, and GraphicMail (#21) introduced a new mailing list clean-up solution, which uses pattern recognition technology and multiple verification checks to determine the quality of an address prior to sending.

Whether your enterprise is a Fortune 500 or barely makes $500 per year in revenue, you’ll find an email marketing solution and service vendor that meets your needs in this edition of Website Magazine’s Top 50.

About This Ranked Data
Website Magazine’s Top 50 rankings are a measure of a website’s popularity. Ranks are calculated using a proprietary method that focuses on average daily unique visitors and page views over a specified period of time, as reported by multiple data sources. The website with the highest combination of factors is ranked in the first position. Conducting research, making formal comparisons and talking to existing clients and users before making and purchase decision is always recommended.


1. iContact.com


2. VerticalResponse.com

3. NetAtlantic.com
4. MailChimp.com
5. Campaigner.com
6. Bronto.com
7. SendGrid.com
8. BenchmarkEmail.com

9. StreamSend.com

10. Actonsoftware.com
11. Silverpop.com
12. Topica.com
13. MailerMailer.com
14. CampaignMonitor.com
15. SailThru.com
16. EmailBrain.com
17. MobileStorm.com
18. MyEmma.com

19. Listrak.com

20. Pure360.com
21. GraphicMail.com
22. Sign-Up.to
23. SimplyCast.com
24. EmailDirect.com
25. GetResponse.com
26. Contactology.com
27. SimplyCast.com
28. BlueHornet.com
29. ReturnPath.net
30. SubscriberMail.com
31. SendLoop.com
32. Aweber.com
33. ConstantContact.com
34. ExactTarget.com
35. Lsoft.com


36. EliteEmail.com

37. CoolerEmail.com
38. Lyris.com


39. YesMail.com

40. Delivra.com
41. Mailigen.com
42. ActiveCampaign.com
43. Boomerang.com
44. Alterian.com
45. Vidiemi.com
46. iPost.com
47. Pinpointe.com
48. SendLabs.com
49. Ratepoint.com
50. eConnectEmail.com



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BillB 10-15-2012 12:35 PM

I may be the only one but I'm surprised by this listing. I've been exposed to other lists for small internet marketers that always seem somewhat consistent. I am not surprised to see iContact and MailChimp at or near the top. but. Aweber, which I thought was a long term mainstay of savy emailers, and Constant Contact, which I thought very popular among the masses, at #32 and #33 respectively was a surprise.

Is it the novice in me that's showing up or do others have the same reaction?

BillB 10-15-2012 12:40 PM

Question: I've seen this on other charts from Website Magazine. Why do you show numbers decreasing as one goes higher on the y axis? This seems unusual and counter-intuitive. I always have to rack my head around to tell myself that higher means smaller. Or, am I reading the charts wrong?

DaveM 11-02-2012 4:29 PM

As someone who works for an ESP and I will not even mention which one to be PC.  This ranking is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen if you have an actual business. There is a distinct difference bewteen an email blasting tool and an email automation tool and this listing misses the mark.  If you want to blast and get opens and click results thats it, go with Mail chimp

MarkK 04-07-2013 6:19 PM

I am surprised by the listing as well - and having found it very difficult to find truly independent ratings of email marketing services - I wonder if iContact has an advertising relationship with Website Magazine (or perhaps shared ownership) that precludes unbiased ratings.  This article is very novice in nature and not at all useful as I attempt to make a wise choice in vendors.  Not impressed!!!

Joel (Remarkety) 11-12-2013 2:52 AM

I totally agree with Dave: "There is a distinct difference bewteen an email blasting tool and an email automation tool and this listing misses the mark...".

For example you can not compare a service like SendGrid to CampaignMonitor. These are totally different services. One is mostly used as an SMTP channel to send out emails via dedicated IP and the second is a newsletter service.

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