Advanced Link Building Tactics and Techniques

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The third installment of Website Magazine's immensely popular series on link building tactics and techniques (review the Basic Link Building and Intermediary Link Building Tactics before proceeding) focuses on advanced methods to increase inbound link counts. But the more time you spend promoting your website, the more you find there are not actually any advanced link building methods -- no silver bullets to catapult you to top of search rankings. If you're disappointed, don't be. Consider the realization a major step in your link building education. All is not lost. Don't lose your composure; what we need is to think creatively.

Advanced link building requires you fear nothing (e.g. rebukes from others) and are willing to sacrifice everything (the efficacy of the brand) if they (the advanced methods) don't work out (i.e. penalties) when leveraging available opportunities to build links.  That being said, we actually need to go beyond just being creative with link building efforts. We need to completely redefine the link building box we’re thinking outside of.

Remember that link building is a moving target, because search engines change their algorithm frequently, that it is a long term process, and there is no silver bullet. Moving forward all the while with traditional link building will yield the best results. As in life, there are no shortcuts – so don’t expect them.  
However, I’ve tapped my creative reserve and personal experience to share a few solid ideas you may have never thought of to build links. Some might consider these link building options gray hat (or even black hat, depending), but they do work and that is reason enough to consider them. In the end you’ll find that the best, most creative link building efforts have yet to be discovered.

eBay – The Ideal Link Building Platform: eBay is consistently ranked as one of the most highly trafficked sites on the Web. When looking for link partners, we should obviously pursue those with the most traffic, as we know they get indexed quickly and have a lot of traffic. As a result of profiling such high-profile sites, most products (especially those in competitive niches) receive a lot of user attention. The way to use eBay as a link-building platform is to actually have something to sell. (Of course, right?) One idea might be to develop an eBook about some aspect of your business (if you sell baby blankets, an ebook might be “Thirty Great Gift Ideas for New Moms”), and list it for sale on eBay. While you may not generate thousands of sales, you might generate a few, and with a content-rich description complete with links, of course, you will generate exposure for your product and eventually find a few additional inbound links – especially if people really like it. Repeat the process fifty times and you could see how this might influence the SERPs, not to mention others who might purchase your ebook and reference it on their own site.

Become a New Media Socialite: While the links found within comments from Flickr are of the no-follow variety, many believe that even if the links are no-followed, they continue to provide some value to your SEO campaign and in the end, still carry with them the ability to drive traffic. When I suggest becoming a Flickr socialite, what I really mean is to leverage Flickr (and other social media sharing sites like YouTube or any related site that allows commenting) to build an audience while sharing links to your site. You can do that by establishing a group on the network, search for photos or videos related to the keyword and website being optimized, and then let those who have posted photos or video know that you’ve added their photo to your group by commenting. Linking to your own profile will certainly raise awareness of your group, but take it a step further and develop a landing page on your site for your Flickr group and mask your URL in the invitation you post on other people profiles. It’s a roundabout way or generating links, but it works. Find those photos or videos that are semi-popular and you’ll receive a great deal of exposure for your comment and in turn for your website.

Remember, these are just two ideas you can use to build links. While some may consider them advanced, others will not. I’ve intentionally left off the truly black hat techniques like referral spamming and the like, as I honestly believe we reap what we sow. The best course of action in your link-building campaign, as I have said before, is to use the methods you know work, pursue those opportunities relentlessly and get creative with how others will link to you. In the end, advanced link-building techniques are what you make them.

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JamesK 01-23-2009 4:21 PM

I like the idea of utilizing the power of eBay and all the traffic they generate.  A simple auction ad with a link can generate new traffic and help us all with our own SEO campaigns.


Judith Kallos 01-23-2009 5:30 PM

You have to be very careful about how you link off-eBaY.  You are allowed only ONE off-eBaY link per auction (not links)  and it must be to specific additional information on that product or you suffer the consequences.

Before using eBaY for links, be sure to read their link policy so you don't run into any trouble.  eBaY doesn't like off-site links and even tried to prevent sellers from including off-eBaY links on their About page --  but they rescinded that.  Better safe than sorry!  ;-)


At your service,


Multimastery 01-23-2009 9:30 PM

Very interesting article and insights! Points to definitely consider.

ArnieG 01-24-2009 12:45 AM

nice article any way.

@judith You are right before doing that one has to know about the ebay link policy.

Arun Gangwar

Blog:<a href="">SEO Byte</a>

SriG ( Stepper ) 01-24-2009 1:55 PM

Nice article.  I think some people are already doing that.  I do see people selling ebooks wh lot of links to their site for  $0.99.  I am sure they are not making any money with the actual sellig. Because with new ebay policy they have to send the ebook on a cd.  So they are doing it for increasing their website popularity.



Jack Kennard 01-25-2009 4:30 AM

Have several Flickr Groups, ClubMed, Caribbean Princess, Atlanta Steeple Chase,Riu Resorts and a few  others.  Will start a Discussion for members to list links to their site(s) about the topic.

MarkW 01-26-2009 3:44 AM

My important take away is - we have to completely redefine the building box we are thinking outside of. - Not easy - but here are two examples which illustrate what you mean

SarahL 01-26-2009 4:14 AM

Good article which provides an excellent starting point!  Thinking outside the box seems to be the way to go, its just sometimes hard to get your head around it all, any more tips much appreciated.

DavidO 01-26-2009 11:13 AM

The comments from the community are just as useful as the article, thanks all!

Brian D. Hawkins 01-26-2009 9:55 PM

You can also have one-way do-follow links to your site directly from your eBay 'About Me page' and in the posts of a personal eBay blog if you set one up. I posted about it a while back:

KevinM 01-27-2009 5:41 PM

After the first "fantastic" 2 articles on link building I was eagerly awaiting the last in the series. What a disappointment this last article is, many of the tactics are outdated including selling eBooks on eBay. eBay's rules have prohibited the sale of eBooks for at least 6 months unless its burnt on to CD (or similar) and shipped to the buyer.

Also, it has been written many times that if you do link from social media websites do so without to much of a heavy sell approach, people visiting these sites are there to socialize not to be bombarded with spammy links. I'm sure everyone remembers a few years ago when useful forums turned into nothing more than spam traps, lets not let that happen again.

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