April 2012 - Masters of the SEO Universe

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:: To be successful in SEO today requires a very different kind of thinking than it once did, and the real rulers of the modern search world leverage a strategy called people-powered optimization. ::

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Below you will find the the table of contents for the April 2012 edition of Website Magazine. The feature article, "Masters of the SEO Universe," address how SEO today requires a very different kind of thinking, and shows how the real rulers of the modern search world leverage a streagegy of people powered optimization. As in each edition of Website Magazine, a wide range of topics (including Search Marketing, Web Design & Development, Software and more), essential techniques and trends are covered as well. The April 2012 edition is a "special issue" and distributed exclusively to our professional-level members.

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FEATURE: Masters of the SEO Universe
To be successful in SEO today requires a very different kind of thinking than it once did, and the real rulers of the modern search world leverage a strategy called people-powered optimization.

Website Magazine Departments
Small Business Lab: ‘Unselling’ in the Social Age
Enterprise Ready: Learning Management Systems
The Real Deal: Demographic Data and Deals
Top 50: Domain and Hosting Providers
Mastering Search: CPC Ad Copy Testing
E-Commerce Express: Facebook Storefront Solutions
Design and Development Digest: Culture and UX Design
Stat Watch: Online Video Domination
Commentary: Year of the Dragon

A Social Sharing Platform for Retailers
AddShoppers enables retailers to measure their social reach and discover which products are receiving the most views, shares and conversions.

Four Free Audience Measurement Tools
These Web-based measurement, segmentation and monetization tools aim to fill in the gaps that traditional analytics software cannot address alone.

Drive Growth with Smarter Email Marketing
Following these guidelines will ensure a successful email marketing program that strengthens your customer relationships and drives higher sales.

The Dos and Don’ts of User-generated Reviews
Today’s Web businesses must navigate a course that permits them to remove inappropriate user-generated content while obeying the most current laws.

Reaching for the Cloud with Amazon S3
Amazon’s Simple Storage Service is a practical solution for companies of all sizes; here’s how to test the waters quickly, cost-effectively and virtually risk-free.

The Display Advertising Renaissance
Recent developments taking place on some of the leading display advertising platforms are shaking up the entire industry — in a very good way.

Hosted vs. Self-hosted Analytics Platforms
If Google Analytics isn’t cutting it for you or if you simply want to try something different, know about these viable self-hosted alternatives.

Three Steps to Domain Name Reselling
Whether you are skilled at selling or simply positioned well to add domain name sales to your existing offerings, a substantial opportunity may be waiting.

The Dark Side of Affiliate Marketing
While the promise of targeted leads and revenue generation is an incentive for advertisers, some affiliates can be dangerously creative in their methods.

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1 comment

Joey W. Baker 04-12-2012 2:32 PM

Website magazine IMO is one of, if not, the most comprehensive well written business magazines for Online Marketers, Seo, Web design, News & Tips bar none!!

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