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5 Strategies to Take Advantage of Google's Knowledge Graph and Rich Answers

:: By Larry Alton, @LarryAlton3 :: If you’ve used Google at all in the past few years (and you’d be lying if you said you haven’t), you’ve likely noticed an occasional, useful peculiarity. Sometimes, when you...

Earning Clicks in the Knowledge Graph Era

:: By Travis Bliffen, Stellar SEO :: Google's algorithm updates are not intended to keep businesses with high-value content down. Instead, these are designed to ensure that Web users continue finding what they need and that they...

Google's NSFW Knowledge Graph

If you have been involved with search engine optimization for any significant period of time, you are aware how dramaticaly different today's search results pages are when compared to those of a few years ago. Today, for example...

Music Everywhere: SEO & The Ever-Expanding Knowledge Graph

With trillions of searches made on its network, Google knows a thing or two about how to present information, evidenced by the increasing presence of the Knowledge Graph. This gradual takeover of the Knowledge Graph, an actual "knowledge...

Knowledge Graph Dropdown Hit the Local SERPs at Google

It appears that Google is now including Knowledge Graph dropdowns (see below) inline in both general and local search results. Knowledge Graph results, as you likely know, typically pulls the data it shows from available Wikipedia...

Google Expands Knowledge Graph

Google is expanding the functionality of Knowledge Graph to help search users better choose the correct results for their queries. This update will be available on for desktop searches and will help search users learn more about the...

Google's Knowledge Graph Going Global

Google’s Knowledge Graph, a vast database of millions of people, places and things ( with billions of attributes and connections included ), has taken another rather significant step forward this week. If you’re interested...


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