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Don’t Let Your Social Media & SEO Take a Vacation

:: By Chris Marentis, CEO of Surefire Social :: While summer (or any off-season for a business) might represent a downtime, don’t send your SEO strategy on a short-term vacation. Instead, take some of the downtime in your own...

Rio SEO Integrates Social and Search Tools for Digital Marketers

The line between social and search is getting blurrier by the day, which have left many SEO professionals scrambling to find a way to incorporate this hot new marketing avenue into their work. Rio SEO , a company that provides software...

Bing and the Evolution of Social Search

One complaint that Internet users tend to lodge about Google is that the Web services company tries to force users into adopting all of its various properties to get the full range of benefits from using just one of them. Of course...

Optimizing Social Content for SEO

As the distinctive Internet marketing areas of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media become more interlaced, Web professionals must be aware of how social content can affect their search marketing efforts. The traditional...


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