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Google: So Long Search Queries, Hello Search Analytics

The Search Queries report in Google' Webmasters Tools is being replaced with a new "Search Analytics" report. The new report offers the ability to compare desktop and mobile traffic, compare metrics in different countires...

Blocked Resources Report in GWT

Google is now notifying webmasters about the specific resources that are blocking its bots from crawling a website in full. The new Blocked Resources report in Google Webmaster Tools reveals which resources are being blocked and from...

Webmaster Tools Now Tracking HTTPS Pages

Google's Webmaster Tools platform is essential for those seeking to improve their position on the Web's most popular search engine. There's a lot of information and insights that can be gathered, but to date, Google has...

No More Rounded Data in Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries Report

Google's Webmaster Tools solution has updated one of its most popular features - the information it reports about search queries. The search engine indicated earlier this month that the data found within the search queries report...

Webmaster Tools Showing Faulty Mobile Redirects

Google announced that it has expanded the Crawl Errors notification feature available in Webmaster Tools to help websites identify which pages are misconfigured for smartphone-optimized websites. The new Smartphone errors tab (seen...

Webmaster Tools New Site Verification Mods

Google has made some changes and modifications to its Webmaster Tools verification system related to management of website verifications. Webmasters can now see who the verified users on their sites are and now the verification method...

Google Offers Deep Look at Structured Data

With new websites popping up every single day, carefully crafted search engine optimization (SEO) practices are necessary for webmasters to make sure that their sites are still visible and don’t get buried by all of the new content...


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