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Growing Engagement & Loyalty Through Automation & Moderation

Social loyalty platform Chirpify has added several new components and features to its offerings that the company hopes will help brands make better use of their participation on networks like Facebook and Twitter. SUBSCRIBE to Website...

Chirpify Brings Social Triggers to ExactTarget's Journey Builder

Marketing conversion platform Chirpify recently announced an integration with Journey Builder, a campaign planning tool available within Salesforce's ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. Chirpify will enable brands to drive discovery and...

Hashtags Become Even More Actionable

Chirpify introduced #Actiontags back in September as a way for brands to drive cross-channel conversions. Now, the company is shedding light on the performance of #Actiontags, as well as expanding the functionality to TV. With the...

The Future of Hashtags in Action

Social conversion platform Chirpify is releasing a feature/program it believes is the logical evolution of hashtags. The company's new #actiontags provide social media marketers and advertisers with the ability to use hashtags...

Which Social Network is Best for Merchants?

For the most part, e-commerce and marketing professionals tend to agree that social media plays an important role in the success of an online retail business. That’s good to know, but one tiny problem remains: With so many social...

Chirpify Brings In-Stream Commerce to Facebook

For in-stream commerce platform provider Chirpify , it’s time to leave the nest and venture out into the great, big world of social media. That’s right, it’s finally bringing its service to Facebook, so now users...

In-Stream Transactions Come to Instagram

Social commerce payment system Chirpify is no longer just looking to monetize content on Twitter. In fact, it seems to be banking on the hope that a picture can be worth a thousand dollars, as the company recently expanded its platform...


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