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Dive into Social Data with HelioSight

Social media analytics provider Crimson Hexagon has unveiled a social intelligence search and discovery product for brands and agencies called HelioSight. HelioSight can be used to gain fast, actionable insights through real-time social...

Crimson Hexagon Offers Facebook Topic Data

Social media analytics provider Crimson Hexagon is partnering with human data intelligence platform DataSift to integrate anonymized and aggregated Facebook topic data into its platform. With this data, Crimson Hexagon customers will...

Navigate the Social Sea with Topic Waves

Social networks are valuable channels for brands. Not only can they help with marketing initiatives, but they can also be leveraged to gain insights into hot topics and trends. In order to do so, however, you need the right tool, which...

Crimson Hexagon Analyzes Klout Influence

Klout scores may finally be able to do more than just boost your ego thanks to a new integration with social media analytics software provider Crimson Hexagon . Now, Klout influence scores will be a standard component of the Crimson...


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