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Making Social Media an E-Commerce Priority

Consumers love for social media is well known and as brands look to capitalize on this love many new companies have emerged offering brands unique ways to connect with consumers using social media. AtHashtag , a new service connecting...

Amazon Rolls Out Another Twitter Integration with #AmazonWishList

The enormous popularity of social media provides companies with an excellent platform to attract and engage with consumers at any time. With more and more integrations popping up for companies to sell their products on popular ecommerce...

From Facebook Comments to E-Commerce Transactions with Soldsie

Social commerce has been dragging its virtual feet. Sure, American Express and Twitter certainly have super high aspirations in this regard, but all those F-commerce solutions so highly touted a few years ago just aren't capturing...

Pinterest Contests Come to Wishpond

Interacting with fans through social media helps merchants foster relationships with their customers, and a new application from Wishpond makes this task easier than ever. This is because the social marketing solutions provider has...

Social Sharing, Faster Checkouts

Offer consumers faster checkouts and better social sharing options with a new version of Ecwid. Ecwid , producer of the platform-neutral, drop-in store builder widget, has launched version 11 of its e-commerce software that works for...

Trick or Treat? The Truth About Today's Shoppers

With the height of the holiday shopping season just weeks away, it’s in the best interest of online retailers to cull every bit of data they can about today’s consumers and what they may bring to the table come November...

Meta-Recommendation Engine on FB

Social recommendation website DoTogether launched its Facebook mail application . The application providers users the ability to browser several stores, making the shopping experience easier - consider the app a meta-recommendation...


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