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Facebook Unveils Graph Search Updates

Facebook users will now be able to search for previously published posts via Graph Search, thanks to a new update from the social network. According to Facebook, one of its most requested features for Graph Search is the ability for...

5 Facebook Graph Search Questions Answered

Graph Search is finally rolling out of beta and onto the computer screens of all Facebook U.S. English users over the next few weeks. And even though you may have been using Facebook’s new search feature for quite some time now...

Facebook Graph Search Secrets Revealed

Late last week, the Facebook team wrote a blog post that let users “under the hood” to show them how Graph Search goes about indexing and ranking search query results on the social network. In effect, this helps to close...

Facebook's News Feed Gets Personal

For the first time since 2006, more or less, Facebook has finally made some massive changes to its news feed, giving it a new look and enhanced functionality to act more like a “personalized newspaper.” Perhaps the biggest...

Facebook’s Graph Search, 5 Oughta Knows

The world’s largest social network made waves on the ’Net yesterday with the launch of a new tool called Graph Search. The tool essentially allows people to discover information based on data that Facebook has collected...


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