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Emojis Get the Hashtag Treatment

Instagram is the first big social network to give emojis the hashtag treatment, and only time will tell you how impactful this strategy may be. According to the social network, emojis have become part of a universal visual language...

30 Days of Social

When it comes to social media management, half the battle is coming up with new and creative ways to interact with your audience. One way some brands save time brainstorming content ideas is by leveraging day-specific hashtags. While...

19 Holiday Hashtags

The holiday season is a time to spread good cheer, and one of the best places for brands to show their spirit is on social networks. In fact, many brands have been leveraging hashtags to amplify their posts and gain extra visibility...

Hashtags Unite!

A platform called Tagboard is looking to enhance the power of the hashtag by uniting online conversations across platforms. Tagboard , which was launched in 2011, aggregates social media posts with hashtags from social sites like Twitter...

How to Effectively Create, Market and Use Hashtags

:: Tony Ferraro, :: Are you struggling with the noise of social media? Twitter and Instagram are so full of people’s coffee shop stories that your message simply fights to get heard. Social media has become what “party...


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