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Klout Unveils Content Platform

Klout users no longer have to spend their days and nights wondering how to improve their Klout Score, because the company has introduced a new content platform that aims to help users share better content, thus increasing their scores...

A Redesigned Klout Profile

Klout announced that they have updated the profile pages of its users with a design that's not wholely unlike pinboard site Pinteret. The new Klout profile pages showcase the social networks users are active on, as well as topics...

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Klout Moves into Q&A Industry

Does your Klout score make you an expert in a certain area? If it does, the social platform may ask you to answer questions through a new program called Klout Experts. Klout Experts is similar to a Q&A service. It allows Klout...

Crimson Hexagon Analyzes Klout Influence

Klout scores may finally be able to do more than just boost your ego thanks to a new integration with social media analytics software provider Crimson Hexagon . Now, Klout influence scores will be a standard component of the Crimson...

Klout Ranking System Gets a Makeover

You may be less influential today than you were yesterday, at least according to Klout. The popular online influence rating tool has just rolled out some upgrades to its services, including an improved algorithm that aims to provide...

In-Depth Influencer Analytics from Klout and Simply Measured

Online influence measurer Klout has partnered with social media analytics company Simply Measured to launch a new reporting suite for brands. The partnership will help brands leverage Klout ’s data with other social media metrics...


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