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How Valuable is Facebook's Audience Network?

As social media continues to play a larger part in consumers' lives, businesses are looking to take advantage of the media channel. In order for businesses to get the most out of their social media efforts, however, they must understand...

Twitter Unveils New Targeting Feature

Twitter has introduced a new way for advertisers to target consumers with the launch of a feature called “tailored audiences from mobile apps.” This new targeting feature enables advertisers to create audience segments...

Is Facebook Spreading Itself Too Thin?

After the success of their standalone Messenger app, Facebook decided to give another feature its own app. The social network has recently announced the introduction of a standalone Groups app. When users enter the new app they will...

Pinterest Focuses on Mobile

As Pinterest continues to grow and release new features, the company hasn’t forgotten mobile. In fact, the pin-boarding social network has revamped its mobile site in order to provide a better experience to all users. According...

Twitter Ads Get More Targeted

Twitter has had an eventful November – not only did the company file its IPO, but it also launced a new and pretty cool Custom Timeline feature. The announcements, however, don’t end there, because the social network has...

Become a SoLoMo Superstar with WordPress

Today's savviest blogs and brands understand the importance of a seamless social-local-mobile experience for not only for the experience of end-users, but also for visibility on the search engines. WordPress, by far the most used...

HootSuite's Autoschedule Goes Mobile

Social media management just got a whole lot easier. This is because HootSuite has updated its mobile applications to include Autoschedule functionality, which allows social media managers to automate posting times directly from their...


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