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Is Vine a YouTube Threat?

It's undeniable - video plays an important role today in the digital ecosystem for both consumers and brands. While YouTube has a very strong virtual hold on the Web video market, there's plenty of competition for the platform...

9 Instagram Video Strategies

The latest trend floating around the social sphere is sharing short, captivating videos. Although Twitter’s Vine app was on the forefront of this trend, it became even more mainstream once videos arrived on Instagram back in...

Is it Video War? Instagram Vs. Vine

As you have most likely heard, Facebook’s popular image sharing social network, Instagram, launched video functionality yesterday. In doing so, the social network is taking a direct shot at Twitter’s rapidly growing social...

5 Ways to Engage with Twitter's Vine Videos

Social networks can sometimes feel like a jungle, so Twitter decided to add a vine to the mix (not literally, of course). Vine is Twitter’s new mobile service that allows users to capture and share short, six seconds or less...


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