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YouTube Gets a Makeover

YouTube has unveiled a new design that aims to make the video-sharing platform’s Web presence more similar to the company’s mobile apps, which is where its users spend nearly half their time. The new design features a center...

Live Streaming Arrives at YouTube

Verified YouTube channels are now able to live stream videos to the world, thanks to a new update from Google. The streaming feature will be rolled out over the next few weeks. In addition, users can launch a Google+ Hangout on Air...

Offline Viewing Coming to YouTube

Soon, YouTube viewers will be able to watch videos offline via mobile apps. Google’s video-based social network announced that this feature will be made available later this year in an effort to help its partners gain more views...

Take a Look at YouTube’s New Toolbox

YouTube has added some new tools to its service that aim at helping users grow their channels. The new features are for accounts in “good standing”, according to the Official YouTube Partners and Creators Blog . The features...

Profile Optimization for 2nd-Tier Social Networks

For brands, maintaining a social presence on the Web is hard work. Not only do social media managers need to focus on engaging audience members, but they must also stay current with new features, redesigns and updates from social networks...

Facing Today's Online Marketing Challenges

As the world becomes more connected, so do consumers. For small businesses, this presents an era of unique challenges. And, although the world of online marketing may appear cumbersome, small businesses should not be so easily dismayed...


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