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Geek Out Over Multi-Billion Dollar Marketo & Demandware Acquisitions

Techies love billion-dollar deals, and this week they were treated to not one but two huge acquisitions to analyze and envy involving separate deals for Marketo (acquired for $1.79 billion ) and Demandware (bought for $2.8 billion...

Act-On Data to Close Deals Quicker

While 77 percent of marketers believe real-time personalization is crucial to their businesses, 60 percent struggle to personalize content in real-time and, some, at all. Not having enough data, having inaccurate data and gaining insight...

2 Retailers Mix Business with Consumers

The B2B sale is traditionally a lot longer than its B2C counterpart, but business buyers are bringing many of their e-commerce expectations to B2B – forcing the companies that provide products and services to companies to offer...

Switch the Channel From "Multi" to "Omni"

Why is omnichannel so popular now? What was wrong with multichannel? Simply put, multichannel is like the original Game Boy to omnichannel's Game Boy Color. There is technically nothing wrong with the original Game Boy but it does...


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