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Increase Revenue By Investing in the Customer Experience

If you're going to make an investment in your enterprise let it be in customer experience. A new study out from Avanade found that for every dollar invested in improving the customer experience, businesses generated three dollars...

Customer Experience Across Age Groups

Who treats consumers best – the online world or the offline one? A new survey by Sitecore , conducted in conjunction with King Brown Parters , found that the answer is highly dependent on who you ask – more specifically...

Free Version of Coveo (Search) Comes to Sitecore

The role of search is to establish the shortest distance between what the customer likes and the content that they want that is relevant to them, according to Coveo CEO Louis Tetu. The ability to control relevance within on-site search...

XCentium Connects Gigya to Sitecore

Collecting actionable insights is at the core of many enterprise priorities. At the Sitecore Symposium in Las Vegas on Tuesday, XCentium announced that it has launched the Gigya-Sitecore Connector . With the Gigya-Sitecore Connector...

Sitecore Search Gets Personal

Marketers are increasingly being asked to do more and oftentimes with multiple technology solutions that can be complex and difficult to manage. Short of becoming information technology professionals themselves, some solutions on the...


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