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Location Tagging for Social Media Intelligence

It has been challenging for large companies and brands to gather any truly useful intelligence from social media, and near impossible for many small and mid-size enterprises. The technology solutions developed to address the problem...

A Free Cloud for SMB Social Media Management

Twitter management platform SocialBro is introducing a free plan for individuals, startups and small businesses with less than 5,000 followers. The Free Cloud plan at SocialBro, one of just 32 Twitter Certified Partners, provides social...

A One-Stop (Mobile) Shop for Salespeople

Switching between various apps on a mobile device is irritating. Worse, it’s time consuming and everybody knows time is money, especially for salespeople. Pipelinersales Inc. , the parent company of Pipeliner CRM, has announced...

From Email to Twitter with Ease

If your digital marketing priority has been to build up an email database you might have missed out on making some important social connections with your audience and customers. If so, don't worry, SocialBro has got your back....


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