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Wordpress 2014: E-commerce Shopping Carts Worth Exploring

While Internet professionals would probably be better off selecting a dedicated e-commerce software solution, there will be those that opt to use a platform such as Wordpress as their Web-based retail presence. While Wordpress certainly...

5 Social Contest Platforms

One of the best ways for brands to garner visibility on the social Web is with promotions like contests and sweepstakes. The rules and regulations of social networks, however, can turn this fun task into a rather large headache. For...

Be the Next Netflix with White-Label Video Platform From Kaltura

Open-source video platform Kaltura announced that it is now offering up a white-label version of its Netflix-like video portal. Kaltura's new MediaGo solution will enable content owners (be they publishers, service providers or...

Sell More & Reduce Stress with Offerchat Saved Responses

Providing customer service in a digital world presents a whole host of challenges. While it's useful to know as much as you can about typical live chat users (see infographic below), it remains essential to have the best tools...

Mozilla's New TowTruck Collaboration Service in Focus

Mozilla Labs has just announced a noteworthy new project called TowTruck which will add a real-time collaboration service (or functionality) to any website. TowTruck is open-source and implmented in Javascript (and with just one line...

Quick Hit: 71% Say CRM Essential to Success

Several weeks ago Website Magazine asked its Facebook followers a question about customer relationship management systems - the platforms used today in business to aid in the management (communicating et al) of customers and clients...

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Salesforce Gamification with Badgeville

The Web has gone gamification crazy – and that’s a good thing. When people are motivated to compete and excel in their jobs – that’s exactly what they do (to the benefit and greater good of the enterprise)....

Petco Explores Customer Sentiment with LP Insights

Real-time engagement and analytics solutions are certainly all the rage these days among enterprise marketers, but who are these platforms really designed for and how do they work? With so many variations on engagement-focused software...


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