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Motivating Sales Teams with Gamification

Gamification has been relatively popular over the past few years from both a consumer and business standpoint. As more companies roll out the approach to their users, it's important to keep track of developments in the space. Zoho...

No Reason Not To Give CRM a Go Now

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are proving to be fundamental to the effective operation of digital enterprises today. What those recognizing the trend quickly realize when exploring their options, however, is just...

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Zoho Takes on Subscriptions

Zoho is taking aim at the subscription economy, as the popular Web application provider has launched a new online subscription management software for businesses that rely on recurring revenues. The new product, dubbed Zoho Subscriptions...

Zoho Sets its Eyes on Large Businesses

The goal of all businesses is growth, but when the hard work has paid off there is nothing worse than finding out your technology providers cannot grow with you. This is why Zoho has expanded its Customer Relationship Management (CRM...

Forget Docs - Zoho has Arrived on Google Drive

When Google Drive was announced, it was clear that the company had every intention of keeping it closely aligned with its Google Docs office suite. Fortunately for those of you who aren’t too keen on Docs, Zoho is now offering...

Zoho Invoice Supports PayPal Business Payments

Zoho - which offers a suite of productivity, collaboration and business apps - now supports PayPal Business Payments on the PayPal X platform (using the new Adaptive Payments API) for its Zoho Invoice application. This will allow users...

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