Anonymous Declares "Total War" on Trump

The Anonymous hacktivist collective has vowed to dismantle the campaign of U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump on April Fools Day. Anonymous indicated it would relaunch cyber-operations and focus on taking his election websites...

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So Long Lloyd Shapley, Father of Game Theory

Mathematician and emeritus professor at UCLA Dr. Lloyd Shapely, who shared the 2012 Novel Memorial Prize in Economic Science for his work on game theory, passed away recently at 92. Dr. Shapely's work related to game theory, the...

The Internet of Evil Things (IoET) In The Enterprise

Risk and concern around connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices continues to grow, and it seems information security professionals are not ready or equipped to keep malicious actors out of the enterprise. A report out from threat...

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Do You Speak Droid?

AE Innovations, a Canadian electronics designer, has created a helmet that converts your words into droid speak - the whirring and beeping as heard from R2D2 and BB8. The helmet, of course, doesn't really translate anything. The...

$40 Virtual Reality for Stationary Bikes

The only thing worse than a treadmill is a stationary bike, but add in some virtual reality and you have a recipe for an awesome workout. In a recent YouTube video , Paul Yan used an Arduino circuit board with a Bluetooth link to a...

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Spotify Adds Videos & Podcasts on Android

Android-toting users of music platform Spotify now have access to videos and podcasts. The features, which have been available in beta for the past few months apparently, bring television show clicps from various providers as well...

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Trump On Apple & China

Remarking on outsourcing during a speech at Liberty University this week, GOP candidate Donald Trump indicated that if he is elected president he would force Apple to manufacture in the U.S. Trump indicated that he would impose a 35...

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Hollywood's Top Films... in Lego

Tuscano Bricks has released a really creative compilation video of scenes from the most celebrated films of 2015 in Lego Form. Films that made it into the video include Star Wars, Age of Ultron, 50 Shades of Grey, The Martian, and...

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I Love You Beer

Untappd, a mobile app that helps beer fans (3 million of them at last count) keep a database of what they drink and find out what's on tap at most bars, has just announced a "strategic merger" with another alcohol startup...

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An Education Edition for Minecraft from Microsoft

Microsoft has announced Minecraft: Education Edition, a new version of Minecraft customized for schools. Don't expect any dramatic differences in the version. There are, however, some new features geared toward ease of use that...

Building a Messenger Bot with Facebook's Top Secret Chat SDK

Mark Zuckerberg = Tony Stark? Facebook has reportedly given some developers access to a previously unannounced Chat SDK that will allow them to build interactive experiences and bots in Messenger for tasks including shopping, booking...

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Government & The Digital Disconnect

Recent research from Accenture reveals that citizens in the United States are experiencing a digital disconnect. While 42 percent of respondents reported that a majority of their government interactions were addressed digitally, 86...

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US Internet Speeds Have Tripled

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reports that Internet service providers have actually tripled Internet speeds over the last three and a half years. Way to go everybody! According to a report released last week, while Americans’...

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Google Makes Massive Renewable Energy Buy

Google has made a significant investment in renewable energy, announcing a commitment to power 100 percent of its business from green energy sources. Touting it as the “largest, and most diverse, purchase of renewable energy...

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The Impact of CO2 on Health & Office Productivity

The air in your office may not only smell a little funky, it might also be impacting your productivity. A recent study by scientists at Harvard and Syracuse suggests that the concentrations of CO2 found in many office building are...

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