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Have you ever had a song in your head that you could not put a title to, and try as you might, you couldn’t name that tune? Well I’ve been there; and I’ve often thought that I should hunt the web for a site (or software) which would somehow enable me to identify that song reverberating in my cranium.

After ending my procrastination and a brief search, I found a site called “midomi”; and it is very cool. Part song search, part social network, and part music store; this site brings together a community seeking web harmony.

It works like this, you configure your computer’s microphone and hum or sing a representative sample of the music you seek information on; after some brief search processing, midomi returns a hierarchical list of tunes which it believes to be most relevant to your sample recording. My own informal yet discrete testing (I didn’t want to totally alienate my co-workers with my incessant humming), wherein I maintained a conscientious sotto voce, yielded a 66% success rate after just a few attempts.

What really engages the visitor however is the facility to participate in midomi’s social network; here you can comment on other member’s own vocal renditions of various musical genre, as well as contribute your own.  Granted, the talent pool tends to congregate a little towards the shallower depths of the karaoke realm; but if you’ve already stuck your toes in and tested the water, then just enjoy the swim!

midomi receives its principle monetization through its “Hot Artists” section, where one can purchase recordings by contemporary songsters. And while one cannot purchase midomi’s amateur “Stars” renditions of popular songs, the call to action to buy the original version is prominently displayed.

Additional revenue is derived through Ads by Google’s contextually relevant listings. midomi, which still touts its beta status, is a product of Melodis Corporation, a Silicon Valley company involved in sound recognition and search technologies.

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