ClipEgg Social Media Aggregator - FAIL

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We've seen a few of these before. ClipEgg is a social media aggregator, claiming “Clipegg aggregates links to popular media published on social media sites. You can quickly read the most popular news, watch the coolest videos and view the hippest images.”

Good idea, like all the others, but there are three major flaws that will ensure this site never makes it out in the wild.
  1. Timeliness: In the news category, the most recent item is two hours old. Videos start at about one hour ago. By the time you reach the bottom of the page (the 15th result) the clip is 12 hours old. Images start at four hours old and the bottom of the page images are over 24 hours old. This may all sound petty, but in an environment like social media, changes take place rapidly - updates need to keep pace.
  2. Lack of sources: News items all come from Google News or Digg. Video is entirely from YouTube or Digg. Images are all from Digg. Is this truly a representation of the most popular items across the social media sphere?
  3. Clicks take you away: Plain and simple - click on the item you're interested in and you go to the hosting site. Wouldn't it be easier to start with those sites instead of a third party? Apparently, I only need to visit Digg, Google and YouTube to find everything (and more) that's found on ClipEgg.

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1 comment

cyberheap 03-11-2008 5:36 PM


My name is Primoz and I'am the creator of Clipegg.

I would like to thank you on the critics posted here and I would also like to comment on the issues that were mentioned.

1. Timeliness.
If you go to Digg for example and look at the popular news, and compare the news from Digg on Clipegg, you'll see that the results are in the same order. There should only be a maximum 15 minute difference, because links get updated every 15 minutes on Clipegg. The time posted on Clipegg is displayed according to the PST timezone so the time difference comes from that point. I'll be changing that to display the time according to the visitors local time zone.

2. Lack of sources.
The site was put online recently so I didn't have time to integerate more sources yet, so I integrated the biggest brand, but more sources will be added soon.

3. Clicks take you away.
My idea was for readers to be able to read short recaps of the stories and if they would be interested in reading more they can visit the original source. Some videos (youtube, metacafe) can be viewed on site, as some images (for now only if the link is to a file). For this also more sources will be added, so in general most videos and images could be viewable directly on Clipegg.

If you have more critics, comments or suggestions please feel free to make a suggestion on Clipegg.

Primoz Svent

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