LinkedIn Opens to Developers - An Early Look at Apps

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LinkedIn has officially become just like every other social network on the Web. They have opened their platform to developers who want to build apps for profiles. So far, there are nine available apps. And they do all have a business slant to them, or "productivity applications." LinkedIn has been very clear that they want to keep these applications of a professional nature. And in order to maintain their business networking image, that's exactly what they need to do. Without further ado, here are the current available apps.

SlideShare: Create and share presentations, resumes, ideas, etc. up to 100 MB. Supports ppt, pdf, odp, and doc files. If you have an existing SlideShare account, you can import your presentations.

Google Presentation: Like SlideShare, upload presentations to post on your profile. You can import Powerpoint files or use Google's free presentation application. Perhaps one of the more useful applications, lets you upload files to your LinkedIn profile, share them with contacts, collaborate, edit and post to your profile. A nice way to collaborate on projects, or pitch ideas to colleagues.

Huddle Workspaces: Create private, online workspaces with your contacts. Share files and collaborate on projects and participate in discussion forums (a nice way to cut down on massive email threads between coworkers.) Comes with 1 GB free storage, and you can import information from your existing account.

My Travel: Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Share your travel information so that you can connect with friends, colleagues and coworkers while on the move.

Reading List: Amazon's app lets you post your reading collection, current books you're reading, ones you have already read, etc. You can view your contacts' reading lists and choose to follow them.

Company Buzz: Another very useful app, this one lets you tap into Twitter to find out what people are saying about you and your business - an excellent reputation monitoring tool. You can customize topics to follow, see historical data charts and follow trends.

Blog Link: Connect your blog to your profile, so that every time you post, it shows up on your profile. Blog Link supports TypePad, Movable Type, Vox,, Blogger, LiveJournal and more.

WordPress: Basically the same idea as Blog Link. And, along with Blog Link, probably the easiest way for people to take the "professional" edge out of LinkedIn, clutter results and overwhelm your contacts.

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John AlanR 10-31-2008 3:02 PM

It's been a while -- maybe a year -- since I looked at any part of Linked In. My first impression was that the network was sparse and "business style" formal. Pages seemed much less decorated than any I'd seen on Livejournal, and *far* less decorated than Myspace. But these announcements are making me wonder if Linked In is becoming more than a straightforward network for professionals.

Mike Phillips 11-03-2008 7:30 AM

@John - It's an interesting point. I think one of the reasons that people are drawn to LinkedIn is because it's not decorated like MySpace, not filled with photo albums, widgets, music and the like, giving it a professional, not a social feel. I think the addition of apps to LinkedIn might draw some users in, but I think it's a fine line too. The more "social" LinkedIn gets - does that mean it becomes less "professional?"

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