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PageReboot: Scheduled Refresh of Any Web Page

PageReboot does one thing and it works. Enter any URL and a rate of refresh, and the site will display that page, then refresh automatically on your set schedule. There is also a bookmarklet option so you can drag links to start refreshing...

Twitter Reactivates Their Pointless People Search

Much buzz has been circulating over Twitter's re-release of people search, which was deactivated for some time. You can access it through your home page, under the "Find People" tab. Enter a company or individual's...

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State of the Twittersphere, Q4 2008

Online marketing firm HubSpot has released the results of a report detailing micro-blogging and networking site, Twitter . And if you have joined Twitter this year, you're hardly alone. According to the report, more than 70 percent...

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Firefox Add-On of the Day: Cloudlet

There's a new Firefox add-on that provides a very Web-2.0 savvy way to search. Cloudlet adds tag clouds to your search results through Google and Yahoo. Enter a search term, and above the organic results you'll see a tag cloud...

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Google Zeitgeist: What Consumer Search Behavior Can Tell Us

Every year, Google releases Zeitgeist , their roundup of user search behavior from January through November - data culled from billions of searches. Of course, you're bound to see terms like "sarah palin" and "obama...

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Websites are Failing Consumers this Holiday Season

A study by customer analytics firm iPerceptions finds that consumers are not being served well on retailers' websites. The mid-holiday report surveyed data from 300,000 website visitors in November and December, 2008. Task completion...

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RSS: Consumers Don't Care and Marketers Shouldn't Bother

"What is RSS?" This was number five on the top-ten list of "What is" questions asked at Google, according to their Zeitgeist list for 2008 . For years, and to this day, RSS is lauded by some as an effective content...

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Forrester: Consumers Don't Trust Corporate Blogs

Forrester Research released the results of a study that indicates corporate blogs are one of the least-trusted sources of information online. According to the study, email from friends is highly trusted (77%), consumer reviews come...

Netvibes Widgets to Include Open Social

Netvibes , a widget and personal start page provider has announced the inclusion on Open Social in their widget-building platform. In short, this means that developers can create widgets that can easily be integrated across platforms...

Mobile Advertising En Masse Begins, Thanks to Google

The mobile online advertising revolution has begun. Google announced they are displaying AdWords text and image ads on results pages through their mobile portal. The ads will appear on iPhones, G1s and other mobile devices with full...

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Skip Automated Phone Menus with Fonolo

Nobody likes calling a company then being directed through menu after menu to get to the information they want, or to simply to talk to a person. Fonolo has a solution. At their site, you can search the company you want to call, then...

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YouTube Search Bar in Embedded Videos - A Good Thing?

Yet another reason to include video on your website or blog, specifically YouTube videos. Now, when you embed a YouTube video, you'll see a search bar appear at the top of the video, when moused-over and at the video's conclusion...

Twilert: Get Email Alerts When Your Company is Twittered

We all know the importance of extending our brands into the social networks, and Twitter is no exception. It can be a great way to connect with consumers ( read about Twittering with consumers ) and maintain a level of control over...

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Online Sales Since Cyber Monday are Up This Year

Amid all the economic doom and gloom, there's a bright spot for online retailers. For the week including and after Cyber Monday (Dec. 1 - Dec.5) online sales hit $3.74 billion, up 9 percent from last year, according to Comscore...

From the Trenches: Customer Service

We're going to start a new feature here at Consumer Corner, From the Trenches. Every now and then we'll talk to real consumers, face-to-face, and find out what drives them to visit certain websites, abandon them, convert, and...

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