Generic Domain Names Get More Clicks

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A study by finds that generic domain names within online ads get significantly more clicks than branded names. The company tested the theory using an AdWords PPC campaign, testing electric bicycles. They used three identical ads, with different domain names:, and

The results show that the most generic name ( had a click-through rate 15 percent higher than the next alternative (YourBikes) and 42 percent higher than the brand name (InAHurry). Total clicks were even higher, with the generic name getting 105 percent more clicks than the branded name.

The results of this experiment make sense. When consumers are searching for a product, they will likely be more inclined to click on the domain that most closely matches that product. Judging by the study (bearing in mind this is one experiment), businesses that do not have an instantly recognizable brand name, like, might consider buying domains for individual product campaigns. Start with some keyword research, then try to find the closest matching available domain name. The traffic can be redirected, or a very specific landing/checkout page can be erected.

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DavidFriedman 05-23-2009 10:58 AM


My experience leads me to the contrary. Most people had chosen specific sites for name brand items.

Multima$tery 06-13-2009 8:51 PM

Now this is a very interesting study, and it does make sense.  Many companies get so caught with the ego of their company brand that they forget about the bottom line ~ Re$ults!  True enough a company should constantly brand their company name - but as you've stated... unless they're a popular recognizable and trusted name like - then it's best to focus on 'keyword-rich' domain names.

Atlanta Real Estate 09-11-2009 10:27 AM


I agree and have implemented this strategy myself.

For those that don't agree, that's fine, but it would be hard to believe that the generic URL would perform worse than the branded KW.

So given that, wy not just go with the generic one?

Good post, thank you.


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