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MyAlltop Makes RSS User-Friendly, Get Indexed

We've written in the past about users' reluctance to accept RSS and how that affects marketers. In short, users aren't grasping the technology (or just don't care) while marketers and publishers are spending valuable...

Direct Your Users to Interaction

One thing we all want from our consumers is interaction. More page views, more time-on-site and more clicks are good for business. But sometimes just making tools and content available isn't enough. We need to make sure our users...

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Track Everything with Trackle

Trackle is like RSS for your world. When you sign up on the website, you're prompted to enter things you would like to track. And there is no shortage of categories to choose from. You can track neighborhood crime and home values...

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RSS: Consumers Don't Care and Marketers Shouldn't Bother

"What is RSS?" This was number five on the top-ten list of "What is" questions asked at Google, according to their Zeitgeist list for 2008 . For years, and to this day, RSS is lauded by some as an effective content...

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Optimize Your Site for iPhone in Seconds

With iPhones flying off shelves around the globe, can you afford to not have your site optimized? Check out Enter your website's RSS feed, name it and click a button. That's it. You can also add a 57x57 thumbnail...

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Google Reader Gets Translation

Google has announced full inclusion of language translation to Google Reader. Now you can pull feeds from a variety of languages and translate the content in seconds through your feed reader. To do this, simply click on the feed you...

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Listen to Your Favorite Blogs at Home or on the Go

The blogoshpere is enormous and that means you don't always have time to read everything you would like. PimpMyNews is solving this problem by providing audio readouts of your favorite blogs that you can listen to on your PC, iPhone...

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Election 2008: Google Has You Covered

There's no shortage of material (credible or not) out there about the 2008 race for the Presidency. And, like most other things online, Google has a way to find what you want. Google's 2008 election center features election...

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