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Users Accept Online Video Advertising

A survey from Knowledge Networks shows that users are getting quite accustomed to advertising on online video. Results show that 80 percent (up from 67 percent in 2006) of network TV video downloaders favor ads in exchange for free...

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Magpie: A Twitter Ad Network With Big Possibilities and Problems

Twitter may not have a real business model, but that's not stopping others from figuring out a way to make money on the micro blogging site. In short: Magpie works by sending tweets under the cover of your profile, but from advertisers...

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Video Ad Rates Drop, Now More Accessible

Average ad rates for pre-roll online video ads dropped 25% in Q4 2008, reports video ad firm BrightRoll. This is seen as a result of more inventory available and a reflection on the current economy. However, overall ad spend on online...

ZunaVision Revolutionizes Online Video Advertising

ZunaVision has taken what seems to be a big step forward for online video monetization. And this isn't just a revenue share on YouTube, text overlays or pre- or post-roll ads. With ZunaVision, you can embed static images, even...

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MySpace Announcement Good for Consumers, Good for You

MySpace has announced a video partnership with Auditude that will give consumers access to previously copyrighted material and publishers the ability to bulk up their video offerings. In a unique approach to solving the copyright problem...

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Are Consumers Ready for Mobile Advertising?

Consumer confidence is down, the economy is up and down and there are reports all over the Web anticipating a slow online buying season. But one industry is up - and shows no signs of slowing down. According to various estimates Apple's...

This Week in the Social Sphere

Digg Restricts Blind Digging : One of the most "dugg" stories on over the past seven days is a screenshot of a new restriction on the site. "Drive-by-digging" or "blind digging" refers to the...

Free Ad-Supported Mobile Games

I get really tired of Brick Breaker. But I don't necessarily want to pay for another mobile game, so I just keep trying to break my personal records - pretty boring. I've been alerted to - a mobile gaming provider...

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